My 20 Minute Daily Cleaning Routine

I don’t know about you guys, but I just hate cleaning. I mean, I’d so much rather be pinning new wardrobe ideas of Pinterest, or watching some Supernatural than scrubbing my toilets but I have been mortified by one too many surprise guests seeing my messy house. I came up with a list of chores that didn’t really take that long, and made a world of difference in the look of my apartment. These 20 minutes a day allow my home to always look presentable instead of completely embarrassing, and I know longer have to hesitate to invite the gang back to my place anymore.

When I get home from work, I’ll usually put on a cup of coffee to give me some energy and before I can sit down and get distracted by something else, I jump right into this routine

5 minutes- Tidy

For this part of my cleaning, I set a timer and just work on picking up everything that’s been placed in spots that things shouldn’t go. I begin with the living room and kitchen where I spend most of my time, and which is also the biggest part of my home. If there’s still time, I work my way over to other rooms. As soon as I hear that timer go off though, I stop and move on.

2 minutes- Wipe Down Counters

Since the counters have already been decluttered, this part is a breeze. I just take a Clorox wipe and swipe down the kitchen counters, getting rid of any spills that may have happened since they were last wiped.

5 minutes- Trash and Kitty Litter

Next, I’ll go to all the little trash cans in my apartment, and dump them into my main trash can. Next I’ll clean out my cat’s litter box and toss that into the trash as well. If the can’s full, I’ll take out the old bag and replace it with a new one. I’ve been guilty of the overflowing trash can so many times and this really helps keep me in check.

8 minutes – Laundry

For the final portion of my cleaning routine, I put away the clothes I have in the dryer, move the clothes in the was to the dryer, and then start a new load. I fins it much easier to break my massive laundry chore into something a bit more manageable. I do one load a day rather than wasting my precious weekend doing it all at once. I find this works for me, but it may not work for everyone. The hardest part is forgetting that there are clothes in the was and having them go sour. My clothes are typically good for about a day in the wash, but any more and they go funky. Thankfully, keeping this routine helps me remember them.

And that’s it! 20 minutes later, my apartment looks much more homey and presentable.

I also have a rotating list of 10 minute cleaning chores, I’ll do if I’ve got time or am in a cleaning mood. If that doesn’t happen, I’m always happy with the results of this 20 minute cleaning burst.

Do you have a daily cleaning routine you follow? Share them with me! I always love new ideas.

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